A note from Jon’s heart

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  I want to share a few things from my heart as I close out 2011.

God ministered to me during this Christmas Season in an impactful way.  I can’t fully explain it but as I studied and spoke during our Christmas Series (the Celebration of Hope, the Celebration of Light, and the Celebration of Gifts), God opened up some “old” Truth in a whole new way.  I LOVE it when God does that and that is another thing I LOVE about His Word!  We can read or hear the same thing from the Bible at different times in our life and God steps in and opens our eyes and hearts to new Truth!  That is why I love being on a spiritual journey and I love being on that journey with ALL of you!  I pray our worship services in December were meaningful to you as well.

I spent 3 hours of quiet time in my office with an empty building reflecting on 2011 as a senior pastor and reflecting on what God has done at PHCC this year.  From my perspective, without a doubt, 2011 was the greatest year in the history of PHCC.  God accomplished so many miraculous things in individual lives and for our church family as a whole…absolutely amazing!  There were building and land development miracles, financial miracles, volunteers stepping forward at just the right time, miraculous additions to our staff, growth of over 20% for the 4th year in a row, lots of healthy dialogue, and growth in groups of all types and sizes just to name a few things.  We lived authentic lives before God and with each other.  We partnered together and impacted our community for good.  2012 at PHCC is going to be another great year.  The signs are clear.  But, if it is not, I am ok with it.  I don’t do what I do only so things can be great or only when things go great.  I am thankful I grew up in a home where I was taught the importance of commitment and the joy of a journey (rather than dreaming for a destination).  God has called me and I am 100% committed to the journey, however rewarding or difficult it may be!  And WOW, going back to when we drove to Fargo from Minneapolis on weekends to meet people until now, what a 12 year adventure it has been!!!

Personally, I want to share with you that 2011 was my most rewarding and fruitful year of ministry ever and the year I grew more than any other year in my life.  I grew as a husband and father.  I grew as a leader.  I grew as a speaker.  I grew as a friend.  I grew as a mentor and as one being mentored.  I also see that the ministry team at PHCC grew more in 2011 than any year so far.  I am so thankful to God for this AND I am so thankful to all of you who play a role in my growth as a pastor and a Christ-follower.

So, to re-cap my 20111….blessed, humbled, joy-filled, so very thankful, and ready to see God move more and bigger mountains in 2012!!

Much love in Christ,





PS: Join us at the FargoDome this Sunday, January 1, 2012 at 11:00am as we celebrate the New Year together!

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