The spring of 2013 my mom and I were talking about Danville, Illinois. Danville is the city my family was living in 45 years ago when my dad suddenly took ill and died 2 days later.  One year after my dad died, we moved back to my mom’s hometown of Williston, ND. Since my mom had not been back to Danville, I asked her, “Mom, would you like to go back and visit Danville and attend the church dad was a pastor at?”  Her eyes lit up and she quickly responded “Oh, I would LOVE to!” I immediately knew this was one of the times when a comment of “We should do that sometime” was not the correct response.  The right thing to do was to make plans, right then to DO IT. After a short phone call, I said, “Mom, we are going to go on Friday, June 7th.” She looked at me with shock and said “You would do that?” I said, “Absolutely, I would love to take you.”  We took that trip and now I have a memory with my mom that I will always cherish.

When a right decision meets up with the right time a lifetime highlight is built. This is our opportunity at Prairie Heights. It is simply time….It is time to build a facility suitable for large group worship services on our land in West Fargo. We have intentionally delayed this step until now. We can wait no longer, Too much is at stake. For 13 years momentum has been building at Prairie Heights and this is God’s time to add a permanent location in addition to our portable location at the Fargodome.

This decision, however, is not a financial or facility decision. This is a spiritual decision. I am not worthy to be invited in, cared for, and encouraged by God or His Church family. Yet I am. How can I not do whatever lies within me to extend God’s goodness and help into the lives of other people?

So, We.Will.Build! We will open permanent seats that God can fill on Thursday nights, Sunday mornings and other times throughout the week. We will have the capacity to send out 5,000 examples of Christ into Fargo-Moorhead each week! Our team has been prepare by God for this moment and place. I cannot wait to see what God will do!

I would love to have you partner with me and 1,000’s of others in the most aggressive project Prairie Heights has ever taken on. Together, we will build a cherished memory.Jon-standing-for-website

It’s Time…

Jon Hauser
Founding and Senior Pastor