It’s a daring proposition, really.
To live a life without regrets.
To discover God’s best for you…then live it with abandon.
To learn who you are…and who you are not.
So you can focus on others instead of yourself.
So you can pursue the dreams and passions God created you to fulfill.
This is your time to ADVANCE!

The edge is where real life happens.  At times frightening, always exhilarating, it is that place where you are in sync with God and His purposes for your life, that place that turns the routine and mundane into the eternal.
This is your time to ADVANCE!

How do you know if you’re ready to Advance?  Romans 12 is like an instruction manual for living a Christ-like life.  What many people sadly misunderstand is that God isn’t into religious activities or performance-based Christianity. Instead, Romans 12 reveals to us a   relational profile of a Christ-follower and a proven pathway to becoming more like Jesus each day.

  • If you have become stagnant in your spiritual growth, it is time to Advance!
  • If you are disconnected from a local church, it is time to Advance!
  • If you are a new believer and not sure how to grow spiritually, it is time to Advance!
  • If you are a growing maturing Christian and are looking for a pathway to disciple others, it is time to Advance!

If you are ready to Advance, join us for the next six Sundays.  It will be the journey of a lifetime!

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