April 25 Parent Connection

Hello Kidventure Families!

In our LAST week of “Dr. Tomorrow’s Robot Repair Shop” we learned that we should work together and cooperate with others to make church the best it can be. I’m reminded of the many sports examples where it took a great team of players to accomplish what seemed impossible. I believe that God calls children and families to be a cooperative team member of God’s team – His church – to accomplish what seems impossible without God’s help and each other. Our main point is, “I will cooperate and work with others at church!” Romans 12:5 tells us “We are many parts of one body, and we all belong to each other. God has invited each one of us to be a part of His team and it’s up to us to respond to His invitation!  As a family talk about what it looks like for you to be active, cooperative members in God’s church here at Prairie Heights!Kidventure

Here are the links for the weekly family devotionals:

Elementary Family Devotional (5 years to 5th grade)

Preschool Family Devotional (3 and 4 yrs.)

This Sunday May 2 will be our first week of our new unit, “To the Depths!” Join us for an underwater adventure! We will be diving deep into the book of James to discover how God wants us to live. I encourage families to take some time to read through the book of James over the next 8 weeks. Please e-mail me and let me know how God uses it to strengthen your family, I would love to hear about it!

This summer Kidventure (birth through 5th grade) is looking for volunteers (including parents) who would be willing to serve one or two times on our Summer Relief Crew. Summer can be a difficult time to find volunteers, so if you’d be willing to help out this summer in one of your children’s classes, please contact our offices.

Have a great week!

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