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It is easy to grow stagnant in life. When we find that burst of energy, we go in many different directions. I have discovered that progress happens through focus. During the 1 Goal series I will share with you the 1 organizational goal I have for Prairie Heights and the 1 personal spiritual growth goal… Read more »

Christian Atheist

We are intentionally, on-purpose, hand created by the creator of the universe! The same God who created the heavens and the earth, the buffalo roaming the prairie, and the fish in all our lakes…that God created YOU! Join us Sunday, February 9th, as Prairie Heights begins a new series ~ Christian Atheist, Believing in God but… Read more »

Sermon Free Sunday

Join us Sunday, February 2nd for Sermon Free Sunday! What will the 65 minute service be like? * Lots and lots of incredible music! Along with some fun and laughter throughout the morning. * Senior Pastor, Jon Hauser, will introduce the new series we will start on February 9th ~ Christian Atheist, Believing in God but Living… Read more »

Services at the Ministry Center

Worship Services @ the Ministry Center February 20-23 The weekend of February 20th, Prairie Heights is trying something NEW! There will be NO services at the Fargodome and SEVEN services at the Ministry Center in West Fargo. Kidventure will be offering during ALL services (birth – 5th grade). 150 seats for adults and 36 Kidventure spots… Read more »

Losing Our Buts

Life is unfair and sometimes cruel.  Sometimes we’re the victim of someone else’s irresponsibility. But if I’m not careful, blaming others for my lack of progress can become a habit. But it’s not hurting anyone has become a cultural value by which many people live their lives. We all have times in our lives when we… Read more »

PHCC Update

Prairie Heighters, What a blast it was to kick-off our SHEET MUSIC series on Sunday.  What an amazing team Prairie Heighters are!  I was so blessed and so proud of how we pulled together and served and loved others and embraced God’s Truth as it was taught on Sunday.  What makes a church great is… Read more »

PHCC Easter Update

Sunday Recap: Easter Sunday is one of those days on the calendar when I get “warm fuzzies” and a HUGE smile that is impossible to remove. I could not stop smiling yesterday as I greeted new families, first time guests, and regular attenders. Why, you ask? Because God had something HUGE in store for each person who stepped into… Read more »

PHCC Update

Prairie Heighters,  April 1, 2012, was a miraculous day in Fargo-Moorhead and at PHCC: 90 adults, 20 middle/high school students, and 14 grade school students were baptized as followers of Jesus Christ.  They made this decision after receiving Christ as their Savior!  They all have a unique and miraculous story of God’s love, forgiveness, grace,… Read more »

PHCC Update

Prairie Heighters, What a life-changing journey we will wrap up this week.  What would life look like if we assumed we only had 40 days to live?  Would we speak sweeter, love deeper, offer and ask for forgiveness, and embrace eternity?  I think we all would! For many, death is an uncomfortable topic.  “We think… Read more »


                                What is Servilization?   Wherever a Prairie Heighter eats or shops or lives or works or holds a life group; in some way the people at that place are elevated, as a follower of Jesus Christ is available to serve the physical and emotional needs of others! See it. Own it. Solve it. Do it! … Read more »