Believer Baptism at PH

Prairie Heights’ next Believer Baptism will be Sunday, November 16th during the 9:30 and 11:00am Services at the Fargodome!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my family be baptized together?   Yes.  If each person has accepted Christ personally, it is a wonderful thing to do as a whole family.

What is the difference between infant baptism and believer’s baptism?  Infant baptism, dedication or “christening” is the choice of the parents, not the child, and does not make a child a Christian. Becoming a believer is a personal choice the child must make when they are older. Infant baptism or dedication is a ceremony of great importance when parents come before God with their child.

If I have been baptized, do I have to be baptized again?  If you have made the choice to follow Christ in baptism before, you do not have to be re-baptized at Prairie Heights.  If it was your parents who chose for you, we encourage you to personally follow Christ publicly in believer baptism if God leads you to do so.

Who do I invite?   We encourage you to invite your friends, your relatives, people who are especially close to you. People who either don’t know Jesus or who do not have a church home.

What do I wear?  What do I bring?   Women should wear shorts and the provided dark blue t-shirt over your swimsuit.  For men, shorts and the provided t-shirt is fine.  Please bring a change of clothes and a towel.  There will be a changing room for you to use.

Do I have to say anything?  No, you do not. You will be asked to write out a simple, one-page faith story for our file.  It doesn’t have to be elaborate.  We suggest it include 4 basic areas:

 a. What my life was like before I came to Christ;  b. How I said YES to Christ;  c. How I came to Prairie Heights;  d. How Christ has made a difference in my life

Who performs our baptisms?   Pastors and Prairie Heights leaders.

When, where & how often are baptism services held?  Our baptism services are held at least once a year.  Often, we will use a Jacuzzi size pool to baptize people during a Sunday service.

What are my next steps?  

(1)  Tell us your faith story in the area provided below.  This step must be completed before you attend faith night.

(2) Attend faith night at the PH Ministry Center (319 32nd Ave E, West Fargo) at 6:00pm to share your faith story.  We will meet in small groups to share our stories with each other!  (Children ages kindergarten thru 5th graders will have their own small groups with Kidventure staff; Students, 6th thru 12th graders, will have their own small groups with Oxygen staff; and adults will have their own groups led by Prairie Heights team leaders, and PH staff)

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