List of ideas
#BlockParty is a place to get and share encouragement, hope, and joy in a time when we need it the most. If each of us do one kind or encouraging act in our neighborhood, we can spread joy. We may not be able to have a true block party but we sure can make it feel like a #Blockparty right where you live.
-Be Christ-like in your words, actions, and social media content.
-Be safe: follow CDC guidelines for social distancing and don’t put yourself or others at risk
-Be creative and share what you’re up to at #BlockParty

Get Outside

Pull out your lawn chairs and wave to the people walking by your home! (maybe play the PH playlist). Take pictures and post #BlockParty on FB/Instagram

Let’s Ride

Take a bike ride around your block and say hello to everyone you see. Pray for your neighbors as you ride around the block. Encourage others to join you; at a safe 6 ft distance of course! Take pictures and post #BlockParty on FB/Instagram

Write a note

Make cards or draw pictures to brighten someone’s day. Drop them on your neighbors front step or in their mailbox and make them smile. Take pictures and post #BlockParty on FB/Instagram

Have a creative idea to spread joy in your neighborhood? Share it HERE. We would love to hear from you!