Grown up church is for adults.  Kidventure is for kids!

Along with their parents, we want kids to learn to follow Christ. We teach kids about God in a way that they will understand. Kids have fun, feel safe, build relationships with others and learn that God loves and accepts them.

What To Expect

In Kidventure, we love spending time with your kids.  We divide them in two groups:

  • Infant/Toddler
    We help even our youngest kids become familiar with Bible stories and learn about Jesus’ love for them. We provide kids with a place where they feel safe and cared for and can begin to learn how to trust God and others.
  • Preschool
    Preschool kids have a time of fun and playtime with other kids and volunteers.  Then in large group, kids sing songs, hear Bible stories and learn about how God wants them to live. In group time, they meet with other kids their own age and are guided in activities and lessons.

Well-Child Policy: Click HERE to find out more about what to do if your kid is sick.