Crank It Up

“Refining fires are cranked up to white heat, but the ore stays a lump, unchanged.” Jeremiah 6:29 (The Message)

God has cranked up His desire for us to worship Him.  God has cranked up the opportunities for Prairie Heights to invite and influence the world to meet and worship Him.  How will we respond?  Will we be a lump of ore unchanged or will we be a stakeholder in His future?

In April of 2009 we identified three critical operational goals to move forward into God’s future:

#1 was to purchase land for a future PHCC campus.  God answered this prayer.  In May of 2009, PHCC purchased 31.31 acres strategically located in the perfect spot along 32nd ave south.  This is a miracle.

#2 was to hire a children’s pastor for our growing children’s ministry.  God answered this prayer.  In May of 2009, Pastor Dustin Anderson and his wife Amy accepted God’s invitation to join our staff.  Children’s ministry has now grown by over 30% in the last year.  This is another miracle.

#3 was to build or lease a ministry center to serve the growing “7 day a week” functions of PHCC.  Most churches use 20% of the permanent space 80% of the time.  We believe we are being good managers of God’s resources if we build or lease this “20% of the permanent space” that we can use throughout the week and we continue renting the Fargodome for the “80% of the permanent space that gets used 20% of the time” that we use only on Sundays.

All three of these goals represent capital expenses that will make a huge difference in God’s future but they must be paid for with offerings above our current tithes and offerings.  So, many people from Prairie Heights and friends around our region and the USA are supporting these Crank It Up! initiatives.  The goal is to have $550,000 received for these initiatives by December 31, 2011.

Read the full details of this effort in our Crank It Up Brochure.

Here is what God is doing financially to move His Crank It Up! initiative forward!  If you would like to participate in this victory go to the “Give” tab on our website!

Note, if you can’t see the chart below (typically only happens to Internet Explorer users), then either use Firefox or click HERE.

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