Do You Want to Start Living Like You Were Dying?

I have 4 simple powerful words for you that when used together in a sentence invoke action, courage, and sometimes a step of faith. We talk about this quite a bit at PHCC and we get amp’ed up for it every fall and winter as we begin our new semesters.

This winter, we will all be participating together in a 6 week series called: Live Like You Were Dying. Where have you heard that phrase before? You guessed it! Tim McGraw made the song famous and ubber popular in 2004. On Sundays, you will be hearing great messages from our teaching pastor mixed with stories of people who made decisions in their life to “Live Like They Were Dying”!

During the week, there will be MOUNDS of people meeting together in places all over Fargo-Moorhead… individuals homes, Perkins, YMCA, PHCC Ministry Center and the NDSU Campus. Why would people want to do that, you ask? Because everyone has a need for relationships and even more than that; everyone has a need for AUTHENTIC friendships.  I’m going to bring you back to the beginning of this message and say again, there are 4 simple powerful words that I’m about to type. When used in a sentence together, these words invoke action, courage and a step of faith. Are you ready? Drumroll, please….. JOIN (1) A (2) LIFE (3) GROUP (4)! JOIN A LIFE GROUP! Did you hear me? JOIN A LIFE GROUP!

Join us on Sunday morning at 9:30 or 11am at the FargoDome to hear more about how Life Groups have touched people and changed their life. Then God may ask you to take action, be courageous, take a step of faith and JOIN A LIFE GROUP!

My advice? Say Yes.

Looking foward to seeing you Sunday!

If you already know you’d like to sign up for Life Groups, please check out our website at: for more information.

Beth Nelson

Connections Coordinator

Prairie Heights Community Church

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