Early Childhood February 13

Happy Valentine’s Day, parents!

I hope you are enjoying a day spent with the loves of your life:  your family.  Each person in your family was handpicked by God and placed with you for a reason (even if we sometimes wonder why 😀 ).   Take some time to show them a little extra TLC and let them know God’s love through you.

In preschool (3-5 years), we learned about being a good friend.  Jesus showed us how to be a good friend by not caring what other people thought.  He saw past the stereotypes, the outer shells, and the sin, and He saw each person’s potential.  He loved them just as they were, but he also helped them become better people.  That’s what we should do for our friends and our potential friends (everyone around us).  They might seem “weird”, mean, or just hard to talk to.  But, if we take some time to invest in them and show them God’s love, we can not only help them, but also help ourselves be more like Jesus.

Family Activity Lesson 6

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