Early Childhood January 30

The preschoolers (3-5 years) had their shining moment yesterday when they rang those bells!  They did such an incredible job, and I had so much fun directing them.  Thank you, parents, for showing your support and being there!  I had so many kids say to me after, “Kia, guess what? My dad was there, and he was watching me!”   “My mommy was taking pictures of me!”  or “My grandma and grandpa are here, too!  They got to see me!”  It just goes to show that your kids love you so much, and they notice when you support them.  Even if it’s just sitting in the audience, remember that you are making a huge difference in your child’s life.

This week the preschoolers talked about how important it is to learn about Jesus.  While Jesus came to earth to die for our sins, He also experienced thirty-three years of life.  He spent that time setting the example for us and showing people the way to God.  So, it’s important to know the stories written about Him in the Bible and to learn from them, because that is how we will be able to grow even closer to God.

Family Devotional Lesson 4

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