Early Childhood March 13


Our preschoolers learned from Veggie Tales that “God Made You Special”. We watched “The Gourd’s Must Be Crazy” segment as well as the music video for the silly song, “Belly Button Song”. The purpose of this lesson was to stress that every single person is special; no one is “off limits” to love, care about, be a friend to, just because they are different from us or from what is considered “normal”. In the movie, the group on the USS Applepies thought the Gourd Brothers, Jimmy and Jerry, were weird because they sang all the time. They also didn’t believe these two new crew members would be able to help save the craft just because they were new. The rest of the crew discovered errors in their judgments after they were all saved from the giant popcorn meteor by none other than Jimmy and Jerry. The Veggie Tale’s book we read, also titled God Made You Special, reinforced that what makes us special to God, and hopefully to others, is our uniqueness. Different hair color, freckles, not having a bellybutton, singing all the time, maybe we speak a little different from others, etc. We all deserve to receive love from our family and peers; we also need to show everyone else love and kindness, too. See what Psalm 139:14 and 1 Peter 4:8 tells us about accepting ourselves as well as others!

Have a great week!

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