Early Childhood March 6

Hello Parents!

Yesterday our babies and  toddlers had a great time during both services at Cheney!  They had story time, some were trying to crawl, building block towers and knocking them over, and getting to know some of our newly hired nursery staff!

Did your preschooler nap well after church?!  We learned that God Wants Us To Be Healthy!  In order to be healthy, we need to be active.  Even if you don’t like sports, you can still have fun running around playing tag, playing with hula hoops, dancing, bunny hop races, duck duck goose (all of which we did yesterday!)…the list is endless.  The short video we watched yesterday, BOZ’s “The Busy Body Day” demonstrated the fun we have being physically active (it included a warm up routine).  Get this!  It is great for physical exercise, but also to stimulate the imagination!  How many of us have watched our kid turn an empty diaper box we’re about to toss out into a car?  BOZ showed us we can pretend the hula hoop is our steering wheel.  Think of all the fun stories your children tell you, and how wild their imaginations are; just think what stories or creative projects they’ll come up with next!  Exercise is not only good for our physical being, but also helps our brains function better AND helps us have a closer spiritual connection with Christ.

Check out this Bible verse from 1 Corinthians 6:19-20; it explains we need to honor our bodies for God.

Have a great week, everyone!

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