Early Childhood May 1

Hello Parents!

This week in both Preschool and Elementary, we kicked off a brand new theme and headed to the Dojo. For eight weeks, we’ll be kicking high, rolling with the punches, and learning how God wants us to live. Not only will we learn some Fruits of the Spirit, like patience and goodness, but we’ll also be learning how important it is to take care of our bodies. After all, in order to be really strong, we have to be fit physically and spiritually.

The preschoolers (3-5 years) learned all about patience. In the Bible, King David wasn’t born a king.  He also didn’t become king the moment Samuel anointed him. He had to wait for years, with some of that time spent being hunted down by King Saul. Even when he had the opportunity to kill Saul and take over as king, he didn’t. He waited for God to rightfully give him the position. Patience may not always be fun while we put it into practice, but God does bless us because of it in the end. Check out this fun family activity from the lesson!

See you Sunday!

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