Early Childhood May 8

Hello Parents!

The preschoolers (3-5 years) talked about how important it is to watch what comes out of our mouths. In 1 Samuel 25, Abigail saved a lot of people because of the words that she used. Her husband Nabal had offended King David, and David decided to kill him and every male that belonged to him. However, his rampage was stopped by Abigail when she presented him with gifts and a humble apology. He realized his error and turned back, without shedding one drop of blood. If Abigail had not used good words, the ending would have been very different. Too often we are careless with our words like Nabal. We fling insults, sarcasm, and bad attitudes about like they mean nothing, not caring that they frequently cut deeper than any sword. It is so important that we watch what we say, because we don’t know the damage we can do if we don’t.  However, if we choose to be encouragers, we just might do more good than we realize.

Family Devotional Lesson 2

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