Early Childhood Parents

Hello, Parents!

I hope you had a GREAT Thanksgiving weekend! It was such a great morning at Prairie Heights! We had 59 children that checked in to our infants, walkers, and preschool classes! We had the opportunity to have fun while meeting many new friends!

In this parent connection e-mail, we are highlighting our Early Childhood Ministry (infants through 5 years). We work hard to ensure the safety, fun, and growth of every child in our Kidventure nursery and preschool classes. Our slogan is, “Caring for the little ones of Prairie Heights“. Our goal is to work together with families; to see parents and kids growing in their faith journey by providing age-appropriate environments for people to experience God’s presence! We encourage parents to ask our staff or the teachers you see on Sunday morning if you have any questions or concerns. We love opportunities to speak with you about our desire to love children and support families. Your feedback helps us to provide the best care possible! I have included a link to our Early Childhood FAQs sheet.

In preschool this past week, Miss Aimee and Miss Char joined us on the Kingdom Tales journey in our search for the Armor of God. This week we talked about the Helmet that reminds us that Jesus Took our Punishment. Jesus loves us so much he was willing to die for us so that we can have life! In Luke 23:26 – 24:7 we read the story of Jesus being crucified, buried and raised back to life so we can know God’s love in our life. I encourage every family to read through this story together and talk about why Jesus was willing to die for us. Join us this week as we discover what the Sword represents!!

Preschool Family Devotional (3-5years)

Our Infant and Walker nurseries were full this past holiday weekend! It was such a blast building towers with blocks and watching the kids knock them over, reading books, eating snacks, and even pretending to fix the big house in the walker room with the tools. We staff our nurseries with paid staff who are CPR and First Aid trained. The paid staff is assisted by loving volunteers who enjoy playing with kids. Please do not hesitate to approach our paid staff with any questions or concerns you may have. We are excited to help make every child successful in our classes. If you’d be interested in volunteering in one of our nurseries, visit our website or reply to this e-mail.

Have a blessed week and see you Sunday!

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