Elementary February 13

Happy Valentine’s Day, parents!

I hope you are enjoying a day spent with the loves of your life:  your family.  Each person in your family was handpicked by God and placed with you for a reason (even if we sometimes wonder why 😀 ).   Take some time to show them a little extra TLC and let them know God’s love through you.

This week in elementary (K-5th grade) was extremely exciting!  We once again had a live band to lead us in worship!  And while that was definitely a highlight, I think my favorite moment of the day came when Pastor Dustin asked the kids why we jump around, do actions, and sing songs in Kidventure.  One girl raised her hand, and when she was called on, excitedly exclaimed, “BECAUSE OUR PARENTS AREN’T HERE!”  Kids say the darndest things, don’t they?  Anyway, the rest of the morning was filled with learning about how Disciples of Jesus Use Their Gifts to Help Others.  God has given us each unique and wonderful gifts.  It might be that we have the gift of gab.  It could even be something as quirky as wrapping presents.  But, whatever they are, we should use them to help others.  In fact, I challenge each of you to pray that God would give you an opportunity to use one of your quirkiest gifts this week.  You’d be amazed how much He can do through you.

Parent Flyer Lesson 6

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