Elementary February 6


In elementary (K-5th grade), we talked about showing mercy.  Forgiving someone when they’ve wronged you is the right thing to do, but Jesus wants us to go one step further.  He wants us to show mercy.  That means forgiving and forgetting.  That also means giving second chances.  Check out Matthew 18:23-35.  The servant in the story owed millions of dollars to the king, yet he was forgiven.  However, despite being forgiven that huge amount, he was unable to show that same mercy to a man who owed him a thousand.  God has shown us the same mercy as the king showed his servant.  That means we need to pay it forward to the people who owe us, because their debt to us doesn’t even begin to compare to how much we owe God.

Parent Flyer Lesson 5

Family Fun:   This Wednesday, February 9th, is Toothache Day!  Wait, that doesn’t sound like fun, does it?  Try this:  turn it into a day of healthy eating, as a way of preventing toothaches.  As a family, plan a healthy meal, make it together, and then eat it together!   There are plenty of new, delicious, and healthy recipes that are just waiting to be tried!  Check out this tasty salad:  http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Boos-Kiwi-and-Mango-Salad/Detail.aspx.

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