Elementary May 8

Hello Parents!

If you missed the elementary kids singing this week, then you missed out on a whole lot of fun and talent! They did an incredible job singing “All of My Heart,” and I was so proud of them, as I’m sure they’re parents were, too!

After we got done singing, the elementary (K-5th grade) kids went back downstairs to the Dojo for a second week. We learned all about how important it is to respect ourselves and our bodies. Just like Daniel in Daniel 1, we need to watch what we put into our bodies. If we only eat junk food and we don’t exercise, we’re abusing the great gift that God gave us. He wants us to take care of ourselves by eating healthy foods. If we listen to God, not only will this help us feel better and live better lives, but it will also honor Him. And that should be our number one priority.

Family Devotional Lesson 2

Family Fun: This Wednesday is Tell a Story Day. Have each person either pick out their favorite book to read or share their favorite family story/memory. Don’t forget to add why it’s your favorite!

Have a GREAT week!

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