Oxygen teaches God’s truth so that middle school students know how to deal with important stuff like friends, parents and school. Each week during the school year, there’s awesome music, a great message about God and plenty of time to hang out with friends and get to know some super cool adult leaders.  Middle Schoolers will also meet in small groups  to connect with other students and build a trusting relationship with an adult leader.

Oxygen Middle School meets every Wednesday, 6:00pm-7:30pm during the school year.

 Oxygen FAQs

You might be wondering, “What happens at Oxygen?!” When your youth walks in the doors of Oxygen, we will welcome them and they will encounter an environment that is youth friendly! Your youth will have tons of fun in a large group setting where they will hear real and relevant messages, but will also have time to gather into small groups to discuss the message and it to everyday situations.

What's the point of Oxygen and what do you do?

We want to reach students for Christ and provide opportunities for them to develop meaningful relationships with each other and Christ following adults.

Can students come to Oxygen anytime?

YES! Middle Schoolers show up at 6:10 pm to get connected!  High Schoolers show up @ 7:30pm.

Who are the volunteer leaders at Oxygen?

Every leader who serves at Oxygen has had a background check. Every small group leader goes through an application process and is interviewed by the Oxygen Directors. We place an extremely high value on only allowing top quality, excellent, godly leaders into youth ministry. If you would like the names and contact information of your youth’s small group leader, please email us. We would love to send the information to you!

Can I be a small group leader of another group or serve in another area at Oxygen?

Yes! At this time, we don’t have small group leaders overseeing their own youth.  We love partnering with you and welcome you investing your time and talents with our youth! We believe it is enormously beneficial for you as the parent to serve in this ministry. If you are considering serving as part of our youth ministry team, please contact the Prairie Heights office at 701-298-9181.

How much does Oxygen cost?

Oxygen’s weekly events are ALWAYS FREE!   Additional events such as retreats or summer activities may vary in cost.

Can I know what my youth is being taught each week?

Yes, we encourage you to engage in conversations about what your youth is studying in small group environments and at large group! For the large group messages or materials please contact the Prairie Heights office at 701-298-9181.

Is there a Bible you recommend for my youth to bring to Oxygen or use on their own?

Teen Life Application Study Bible (NLT). Please contact the Prairie Heights office at 701-298-9181 if your youth needs a Bible! We have them available free of charge for our Oxygen Youth!

Pre-Register for Oxygen Middle School

Oxygen Registration

Register for the Middle School Retreat: January 31st- February 2nd
January 31-February 2nd Middle School Students will have the opportunity to be part of the Oxygen’s Middle School Retreat! We will be heading to Inspiration Point down in Clitherall, MN for a weekend where your students can have fun, play games, worship Jesus together, listen to engaging messages, and grow their friendships in small groups. We will leave from the church at 6 pm Friday and return home Sunday around 1 pm! The cost is $117 and covers everything your child would need for the weekend. We would love for your Middle School student to attend and experience this event!

Retreat Registration

Pay for the Middle School Retreat

Retreat Payment