Hot Topics Week 2

Hello Oxygen Parents!

We are currently doing a series titled “Hot Topics” and I have had much time recently to reflect upon many issues facing our students today. I’m amazed at the mountains of concerns and messages thrown at them every single day. I want to make parents aware of the issues their youth may be encountering. I also encourage you to take some time to talk with your students about the subjects we will be discussing. My plan is to e-mail out, and put on Facebook, a summary of the topics being covered as a resource for you to have conversations at home as well. Parental influence is huge in the lives of our students, even when we feel like they never listen! Thank you for the opportunity to invest and hang out with your students! Click the link below for the Hot Topics attachment showcasing what we discussed this past Wednesday night.

Hot Topics Week 2

I was made aware of a Dateline special they did on bullying. I have watched a few clips myself and it is a real eye opener. I encourage parents to take some time to watch it with their students and talk about bullying. You can check out some of the clips at Dateline’s website by clicking here. Look for clips called “My Kid Would Never Bully”. Or simply google dateline and go to their website.

I’m praying for you and your families as we continue to seek God’s wisdom as we discuss the hot topics facing our students today! Let me know if there is any way our Oxygen team can be of support to you and your family.

No Oxygen NEXT Wednesday March 16! We will resume Oxygen on Wednesday March 23 here at our offices (3220 18th St S Fargo).

Have a GREAT week!

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