Jon Hauser

Name and Family Info:

Jon Hauser, wife Teri, 9th grade son Nate, 3 year old daughter Brooke.


When you were a child, what was your dream job?

My first dream job was to be a cowboy on a ranch. Then I rode a horse and realized I didn’t like them so I wanted to be a fire fighter. Then I discovered I was afraid of heights!


If you could go anywhere on vacation, where would you go? Why?

I love to just get away to new places with my family. Teri, Nate, and I went on a trip to Washington D.C. two summers ago and just had a blast!


If you could have any super power, what would it be? Why?

I would love to be able to control the weather…temp, wind, sunny, or cloudy. Depending on what I wanted to do that day I could just make it perfect. And when I wanted to keep my family up late and watch a movie on a cold winter night I could cause a snowstorm to happen so we could all sleep in the next day. Definitely would be the super power I would want!!