Kidventure Connection!!

Our kids are going to the Depths !

On Sunday our K-5th grade elementary kids learned that God loves everyone and so should I! Galatians 5:14 tells us to “love your neighbor as yourself.” In other words, God wants us to use our actions to show God’s love to everyone around us. In  Luke 10:30-35 we heard about the story of the Good Samaritan who went out of his way to take care of his enemy who was in trouble. What can you do this week to show others God’s love by your actions? Click here to find out more!

On Sunday our 3-5 year old preschool kids learned that we can trust God to take care of us! When we are scared we know that God will take care of us just as he takes care of the birds and flowers. Matthew 6:25-34 reminds us we have no reason to worry because God will take care of us. Click here to explore more!

Have a great week!

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