Modern Family

You’re invited to a new series beginning Easter Sunday, March 31st!

The modern family in many ways is vastly different than the families of the past. Technology, mobility, and prosperity have changed and can serve to strengthen or fracture the modern family. Thankfully, there are timeless principles designed to help lay a firm foundation for your family, regardless of your makeup.

So let’s investigate and implement these principles and have healthy, happy, families that grow and share life together!


You’ll HEAR entertaining and uplifting music.

You’ll TASTE piping hot, delicious, gourmet, FREE coffee.

You’re WELCOME to “come as you are” whether you’re married, with children, without children, single, single again, or whatever stage in life!

Your CHILDREN will love their action-packed, safe, fun-filled environment!


Services at 9:30am and 11:00am at the Fargodome!