Your God-designed potential has at its core your natural strengths and abilities, but is wrapped with unique abilities, experiences and circumstances that are evidence of God’s ongoing, creative thumbprints on your life.

Your Natural Strengths are the core for your God-Designed Potential.  Your greatest successes in your professional life, and your greatest significance in your spiritual life, will emerge from the use of your God-given strengths.

To discover your strengths, take the StrengthsFinder assessment (cost is $15)

What are your top 5 strengths?

As a follower of Jesus Christ, exploring and exercising your spiritual gifting is a vital and exciting part of your spiritual journey. To see what unique spiritual gifts you have, take the Spiritual Gift Test.

What are your top 5 spiritual gifts?

Personality type is one way of distinguishing people from one another.  Various ways are used to profile people-to help them understand some of the distinctive characteristics that affect their relationships with others.

To discover what personality type you have, take the All in One Personality Test.

Whether you’ve ever written them down, whether you have ever given words to them, you have some lifetime goals that have given direction to the key decisions of your life. You may have never shared them with another person. These goals are what you want to accomplish before your life ends.

Your unique experiences give meaning and definition to your past; your unique goals give the same to your future.

What are some of your top goals?

You haven’t gotten this far in life without overcoming some challenges that could have taken you out of the game. You chose to find a way over, around or through the very boundaries that stop many others in their tracks.  Your obstacles are unique to you, and have played some part in making you who you are today.

Identify your top three obstacles.

From birth to now, a considerable amount of time, effort and money have been expended on your education.

As you think through the sum of your education, what are the unique aspects? It may be stated by degrees, schools, etc.  It may be described by your life experiences.  What is your training?

During adult life, most people have enjoyed the impact of a few exceptional people who have chosen to make a valuable investment into them. Sometimes they know they are acting as mentors. Sometimes it is just by observing their life.  You may have had multiple mentors. Each key role in your life may have been enhance by a mentor’s model.

Think of the top three mentors whose examples have gone into shaping you.

The majority of people never see the opportunities before them. Their vision is locked on their problems, and they cannot see beyond them.  Leaders are aware of their challenges, but they never lose sight of their opportunities, no matter how weighty their difficulties may be.

What are the unique opportunities that most excite you with their potential?

Every life has a collection of unique experiences that leave a mark. Often, they signal a change of direction in life. They frequently involve decisions that help to establish long-term decisions that help to establish long-term direction.

What experiences have molded your Life Print?

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