New Series at PHCC!

“Live Like You Were Dying”  

Let’s jump into Tim McGraw’s 2004 country song of the year ‘Live Like You Were Dying’, the deepest needs of people, the truth’s of God’s Word, and bring it all together to focus on what REALLY matters in life!”    The Celebration services on Sunday and the Life Groups throughout the week (including our middle and high school students on Wednesday nights) will be learning and growing together.

1) Loving Deeper ~ We can’t control the length of our life.  Just the depth.

2) Speaking Sweeter ~ We have the power to change someone’s life, to give a moment that will be cherished forever.

3) Giving Forgiveness you have been denied.  Knowing how long we carry things around that need to be forgiven and how heavy it gets!  Just let it go.

4) Embracing Eternity ~ May we live like we are dying…with passion and purpose and meaning and mission!

Join us February 12th as we start “Live Like You Were Dying!”

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