November 14 Parent Connection

What an awesome Sunday!! We had 142 children worshiping in Kidventure in all of our classes birth through 5th grade! We even had an opportunity to dedicate/baptize 6 babies in the services on Sunday morning! You can watch these dedications here.

In preschool (3-5 years) and elementary (K-5th grade), we talked about peace. In today’s world, peace isn’t something that reigns supreme. Everyone is constantly going top speed, anxious to fit in as much as possible today so that tomorrow, even more can be done. We get angry at the people and the things that slow us down, the one person in the world who actually drives the speed limit, the lady who makes the endless waiting line wait even longer by hunting through her gigantic purse for the exact change, the computer that’s slower than a snail. Then there’s the bigger problems that really puts a wrench in things: a lost job, a child who’s being bullied at school, a family member dying. In these situations, it’s really easy to lose control, get angry at God, or even fall into depression. However, it’s times like these when we especially need to practice peace. When we do so, we’re trusting that God will take care of us. And why wouldn’t He? Psalm 3 talks all about how God knows us so well, He knows the words we will speak before we speak them. So, in every situation, we should practice peace. After all, God can take much better care of us than we can of ourselves.

Parents, we have an exciting month ahead of us! We will be starting a NEW Christmas series in our elementary program on Sunday, December 5th entitled “Christmas Angles”. We will be looking at Christmas from three very different perspectives to discover the GREATEST Christmas gift ever! Kids, you won’t want to miss it!! On December 12th, our elementary kids will be singing in church during both services!! Stay tuned for more details to come.

May you sense God’s presence in your homes this week!

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