November 21 Parent Connection

Hello Kidventure Families!

Happy Thanksgiving! What a wonderful time of year to be thankful for the things God has given us. What are you most thankful for this year? I’m thankful for a loving wife and an awesome church, like Prairie Heights! It’s exciting to see how God is working in the lives of many people and children every Sunday morning! This past Sunday, during first service, we celebrated over 40 kids who participated in our Higher Hoops basketball camp by presenting them with medals! Many of them were at Prairie Heights for the very first time! We also had 126 children having a blast playing, singing, and learning in their Kidventure classes!

This week in elementary (K-5th grade), we learned all about love. Not the mushy, gushy, Disney version of love. But, real, true, sacrificial love. That kind of love is the kind that God showed for us. I think this is where you, as parents, have the advantage. You can understand a little bit better how much God sacrificed by sending His Son to die in our place. Think about it. God created us because He loved us and wanted to have fellowship with us. And we, who didn’t deserve to have that life in the first place, rejected His love, thinking we knew better. Then God decides to give us a second chance, and sends His Son to take on all of our sins and die a horrible death in our place, knowing that not everyone would accept that either. How many of us would show that same kind of love by sending ourselves to die? How much less would you want to send your child? But God did, and it was through these actions that He showed His love. So now it is our turn. Instead of just telling people that we love them and that God loves them, we need to show them through our actions, because that is how true love works.

In preschool (3-5 years), we got to practice using our shields and learn about trusting God. In Daniel 3, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego put the ultimate trust in God. When they were told to bow down and worship an idol, or be thrown into a fiery furnace, they chose the latter. They knew that worshiping any other besides God was wrong, and they were ready to sacrifice their lives. When King Nebuchadnezzar heard about this, he grew so angry that he ordered the furnace to be cranked up until it was seven times hotter than normal. In fact, the flames were so hot, that when the guards opened the doors to throw the three men in, the guards were instantly killed. But Shack, Rack, and Benny weren’t. They stood in the furnace, and when they came out, they didn’t even smell of smoke. Because they put their faith in God, He saved them from the flames. He even stood with them while they were in them. So, even when it seems like there is no way out, we should trust God, because we never know how He’ll bring us through.

Parents, don’t forget you can view/download these devotionals to go further in depth with the lesson as a family:

Preschool Family Devotional (3-5years)

Elementary Family Devotional (Kindergarten thru 5th grade)

Parents, we will be starting a NEW Christmas series in our elementary program on Sunday, December 5th entitled “Christmas Angles”. We will be looking at Christmas from three very different perspectives to discover the GREATEST Christmas gift ever! Kids, you won’t want to miss it!! On December 12th, our elementary kids will be singing in church during both services!! Stay tuned for more details to come.

Have a GREAT week!

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