October 31 Parent Connection

Hello Kidventure Families!!

What a GREAT weekend for families at Prairie Heights! We had a fun Sunday morning in our Kidventure classes. In preschool, our new teacher, Jason, did a great job teaching us about the belt of truth which can help others. In elementary, we had a full band as we worshiped God through song, dance, and being crazy! We started practicing songs we will sing in church in December; the kids were really excited to start learning them. During November and December, we are challenging families to have their kids in Kidventure as much as possible, so they can be learning the songs and motions they will be performing. Finally, we had a GREAT Halloween night serving our community through an annual event called “Trunk-N-Treat”. It was so much fun to see families serving together by decorating their cars and trunks to hand out candy! We estimate there were more than 1,300 children and 3,500 people total! Thanks for being the church and being willing to serve others with no strings attached!

As I reflect on the Kidventure experience, which takes a whole team of staff and volunteers, I am excited for every child who has the opportunity to be a part of what God wants to do in their lives. God has called my wife and I to serve at Prairie Heights and I am truly blessed with some of the greatest staff and volunteers who deeply care about children. Our goal EVERY Sunday is simple: to hit a home run! We do this simply by making sure EVERY child feels cared about, loved, and has a BLAST!! When children are having fun it opens their lives to what God wants to teach them. It also helps in making new friends. We had a young lady observing what happens in our K-5th grade classes; she had so much fun, she is ready to hang out with the kids in Kidventure! God continues to bring us passionate, caring adults and students who love helping out. I challenge EVERY family to make an effort to not let your children miss out on the opportunity for God to work in their lives through Kidventure!!

This week in elementary (K-5th grade) we learned all about having joy in any circumstance. Now, joy doesn’t equal happiness, and happiness doesn’t equal joy. In fact, I like to think of happiness as something temporary. For example, it makes me happy to eat an ice cream sundae. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that happiness, but if two hours after consuming a sundae something bad happens, I’m not going to comfort myself by thinking about the sundae I ate and the happiness it brought me. In reality, I probably won’t even remember eating it. True joy, on the other hand, is something that lasts. I think that is because it comes directly from God. Whether He uses somebody to encourage you, or He performs a miracle in your life, you can remember God has always been there, and He loves you with all of His heart.

Our preschoolers (3-5 years) started a brand new theme called Kingdom Tales. Here, they’re learning all about the Armor of God, starting with the belt of truth. 1 Samuel 20 is an incredible example of the power of truth. Jonathan and David were best friends. The only problem was that Jonathan was King Saul’s son, and Saul hated David so much, he wanted to kill him. Jonathan had a choice: he could forget about David, let Saul kill him, and have a much easier life, or he could help David, his closest friend. Fortunately, he chose the latter. He told David the truth about Saul’s rage against him, and in doing so, he saved the life of the future king of Israel. While Jonathan didn’t get rewarded with a long life, his choice to tell the truth did affect his son. Later on, when David was king, he remembered Jonathan’s kindness, and paid it forward by helping his son, Mephibosheth, in 2 Samuel 9. So, while the truth is sometimes hard to tell, we never know how telling it can affect others. We should choose to be like Jonathan and always wear the belt of truth.

Parents, don’t forget you can view/download these devotionals to go further in depth with the lesson as a family:

Preschool Family Devotional (3-5years)

Elementary Family Devotional (Kindergarten thru 5th grade)

See you at the Fargodome on Sunday!!!

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