Oxygen – Dating and Relationships

Prairie Heights Oxygen Families!

Last night we talked about dating and relationships. “What is a good age for dating?” “Is it okay for a minor to be dating an 18 year old?” “My friends talk a lot about having sex , what should I do?” These are questions your students are asking!

Dating and relationships are important. I challenged the students to Kiss Dumb Dating Goodbye! and start thinking about smart dating. Smart dating focuses more on friendship, not on romance. Dating is about getting to know another person created in God’s image. It’s not to be entered into lightly, as these relationships are not “practice”, they are real relationships that will affect you, for good or bad, for the time you spend together. I challenged middle school students not to rush into dating, they’ve got plenty of time.

We discussed 5 dating guidelines I want to share with you:

1.  Know your BOTTOM LINE (How far is too far)

2.  Communicate your STANDARDS (DTR – Define the Relationship)

3.  Stick to your CONVICTIONS

4.  Avoid COMPROMISING SITUATIONS (Be smart! Use group dating!)

5.  GET OUT when necessary!

A few follow up questions you can use for discussion with your student are:

*What are the rules for dating in your home? What age should your students be allowed to date?

*When it comes to dating, what do you think is too far (holding hands, kissing, making out, etc)?

*What steps can you take or boundaries can you enforce to make sure you don’t go too far?

NEXT Wednesday will be LITE Night for all high school students from 8:30pm-9:30pm. LITE Night is a leadership experience for high school students, check it out!

Please know that I love and pray for you and your family! See you Sunday!

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