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Hello Oxygen Students and Parents!

What a year we have been having in Oxygen so far!  We have learned that we matter to God, that God wants us to share his love with others and last week we even started to learn that prayer is more than just closing our eyes and saying “Thanks for the food, Amen” before eating dinner.  We all learned how to pray using the P.R.A.Y. method. We took time in our small groups practicing writing  out the steps;

P stands for Praise – we all wrote down something for which we thank God for

R stands for Reflect – we spent time listening to God to hear if there is something for which we needed to ask forgiveness

A stands for ask – we all wrote down requests that we seek from God

Y stands for yield – we all wrote down and prayed that we would honor God in everything we do in our lives

After going through this exercise, all the students received a card to keep with them throughout the week that they could refer to in order to practice this quick and easy way to pray. This Wednesday December 7th we will be discussing the ins and outs of prayer and how to make it become a consistent part of our lives. Oh and as usual we will have a blast getting to know each other through some awesome games and activities!  Don’t miss it!

Thanks again for making Oxygen a priority in your lives!

Josh Ridder

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