Oxygen Connection

Speak sweeter! If someone were to follow you around during the week and they listened to all of your conversations how would they describe you…complaining? encouraging? negative? optimistic? kind? impatient?  It is said that the words that come out of your mouth reflect the state of your heart.  What condition is your heart in? Last week we dug deeper into this idea and were challenged to commit to using our words to speak encouragement and life to our friends, families, and peers this week.  How did that go?  Talk about it as a family.

There is NO OXYGEN this Wednesday February 29th! Enjoy your spring break and/or your free Wednesday night!  We can not wait to see you all back on March 7th!  It is going to be a rocking night of music, awesome games, and a sweet guest speaker!!  You won’t want to miss it, Wednesday, March 7th from 7-8:30pm at the Ministry Center!!

Have a great week!  You are all amazing people!



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