Oxygen Follow Up

Oxygen Students and Parents!

We have had a blast the past couple months going through our Beyond series.  We learned all about how much God loves us, how we all matter to God, how we need to find our worth in God and about the importance of sharing God’s love with others.  We plan to build on the things we learned through our next series “How to Pray When”, which begins this Wednesday November 16th.

We are starting off with a large group party night including games, relationship building, and snacks!  Please bring a snack to share!   We split up the snacks by last name:

A-F : Beverages
G-O : Desserts
P-Z : Chips/Chex mix, etc

Ever wonder what your student is looking for from you as a parent?  Join Dustin at the Ministry Center for Parent Night NEXT Wednesday November 16 at 7:00pm as we discuss the three questions every kid is asking their parents!

Thanks for making Oxygen a priority in the lives of your students!

-Josh Ridder

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