Parent Connection – Oct. 16th

Hello Kidventure Families!!

What did we learn this week?

On Sunday in week 6 of our Skybridge Showdown, we talked about sharing with others and how God provides for my needs. In preschool we talked about how God provides us with everything we need. In elementary we learned that God wants us to use what we have to bless the lives of others. In service, Pastor Jon reminded us that there is more to our net worth than wealth and God wants us to use our time and wealth to see more people make heaven their home. He was really talking about sharing with others to bless their lives!
Check out these devotionals for more about what your kids are learning:

Preschool (3-5 years)

Elementary (Kindergarten-5th grade)

THIS Sunday October 23rd during both services is Parent Day in preschool!

Instead of dropping off your 3-5 year old in class, come on in and check it out! You’ll be released to go back to service after the first 15 minutes or you can feel free to hang out for the entire class. Jason and Kelli, our preschool directors, are looking forward to an opportunity to meet you! THIS Sunday October 23rd during both services we are inviting you to attend class with your 3-5 year old in preschool for the first 15 minutes.

NEW Preschool Class and location!!

Our preschool class continues to grow.  We will continue to provide age-appropriate, classroom environments but the classes will be smaller so your kids can continue to learn, have fun, and make friends! Beginning Sunday November 6th the preschool classroom will become two classes and move from the upper level room 201 to the lower level of the Fargodome as follows:

1. 3 year old class (Room 103)

2. 4-5 year old class (Room 104)

I pray God blesses your family this week and I can’t wait to see you all again on Sunday!!!!






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