PHCC Easter Update

Sunday Recap:

Easter Sunday is one of those days on the calendar when I get “warm fuzzies” and a HUGE smile that is impossible to remove. I could not stop smiling yesterday as I greeted new families, first time guests, and regular attenders.

Why, you ask? Because God had something HUGE in store for each person who stepped into the worship area yesterday. Jon shared with us the story of the Samaritan Woman at the Well, who had been treated as a social outcast for her current and past sinful decisions. Until Jesus became a part of her life, the woman felt defeated and unworthy.  Check out the entire story, in John 4. 

Have you ever felt that way? I know, I have! I am so thankful that through the forgiveness of my sins, I live FREE in Christ’s love! At the end of service, we reflected on where we were at in our journey with God using these 4 steps:

1.      I’m coming for various reasons (dragged by a friend, Holiday, Kids loved it)

2.      I’m staying because I’m open to consider it (not sure what this “God thing” is all about, but I’m open to hear more about it)

3.      I’m committing my life to Christ because it’s real (Christ has come into my heart and I have a personal relationship with Him)

4.      I’m partnering with Jesus Christ, my role is to trust and obey (Seek Christ through prayer and His word, trust Him and obey His next steps for my life)

Where are you at today? What step has God challenged you to take?

If you want to talk about your journey with someone—please call our office to connect with someone in our Connections Department! 701.298.9181

Beth Nelson

Connection Coordinator

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