PHCC Ground Breaking!!

Ground Breaking Ceremony!

Don’t miss this opportunity to make a memory and witness a miracle!

On 10/10/10 @ 3:19PM will be the PHCC ground-breaking at the PHCC land (located at 32nd ave south and 4th street east in West Fargo).

Here is some more info:

1. The ceremony will be around 25 minutes but you are welcome to come as early and stay as late as you want!  The band will be playing/singing.  Invite and bring anyone you want to.  I would plan on getting there early (especially if the weather is nice)!  Kids will enjoy being out on the farm land.  Pastor Dustin and the Kidventure team have some games, prizes, and activities lined up for all of the kids!

2. There won’t be any seating but feel free to bring a lawn chair.

3. If you have an ATV and want to bring it and drive around the property, feel free!  Have fun!

4. We have several plans we are working on regarding parking arrangements.  But, the parking will be fairly close and, if needed, we will have an option for transporting people a short way.  If you would be willing to be a parking attendant, show up at 2:30!

5. I would like to have at least 1,000 cupcakes for this party.  So far through facebook and connection cards turned in on Sunday we are up to 650 cupcakes.  Let me know if you would be willing to bring cupcakes!

6. We will receive an offering out on the property to give a boost to this project.  For those who have made Crank It Up! pledges this offering will be a part of your pledge.  This offering is in NO WAY a high-pressure or a guilt offering….I promise!  We just thought this was a great opportunity to bless God and His family as this will be the first time in the history of our church we will gather 100s of people together on our property.  Teri and I are praying about what God wants us to bring with to give Him.

7. Many of you have received “stakes” as “stake holders” in this miracle!  The smaller stakes (16” ones) are for you to keep.  The 3 foot stakes are to be brought with you to this ground-breaking.  You can decorate them, put a favorite Bible verse, a praise to God, a prayer to God, etc. on them.  We will put them in the ground and leave them there throughout construction.  If you have not received your stakes (or misplaced yours) we will have more available the next 2 Sundays.

8. If it rains much the day or two before 10/10/10 we will move the ground-breaking back one week.

I have never been a part of an event like this so I honestly have no clue what to expect or what to do.  I don’t know if we should plan for 100 people or 600 people.  But, I expect us to build another “family” memory and something we will always look back on and realize that God was there with us.  I love the journey God has us on and I feel so blessed to be a small part of it.

One of the joys of Prairie Heights is we always try new things and God continues to bless us and teach us day by day, Sunday by Sunday!  Thank you for being a vital part of the team!

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