PHCC Mid-Week Update

We are four days away from the biggest Sunday in the history of Prairie Heights!  This Sunday, April 17th, we will have one LARGE combined service from 10:30 until noon to celebrate the 10th anniversary of PHCC.  We are expecting over 1,000 people celebrating at the Fargodome.

Here are a few notes:

1. Lunch will be served on the Fargodome stadium floor.  We will have plenty of room for everyone!  I have been asked about the cost of lunch.  We are not charging for lunch, asking for any donations, or mentioning the costs of it on Sunday.  We want everyone to simply enjoy the meal and being together!  Prairie Heights is paying $5 per lunch.  If you want to help with the cost simply put cash in the offering plate or add it to the check you normally write on a Sunday.  Absolutely NO PRESSURE, though, to give anything.  And on Sunday the cost will NOT be mentioned in any way.  We will have 100s of guests including your friends and family members and we want to welcome everyone and bless them!

2. Please sit up close, in the middle of rows, with as few empty seats as possible  – we are expecting a full house.  It is going to be something!

3. We are holding a non-perishable food and personal products drive for Great Plains Food Bank (People Helping Collect Canned goods – PHCC!!).  I am so excited for this opportunity to bless others.

4. We want Sunday to be a world-class connection party.  So, we are going to challenge EVERYONE to meet 3-5 people.

This is the PERFECT opportunity to invite and bring someone to church with you.  Reading through facebook posts this week, there is a HIGH excitement level.  On Sunday there will be an electric environment.  The impact on all of us even greater.  THANK YOU for being a part of this miracle.  I will do my best to get some rest this week and I will see you on Sunday!

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