PHCC Note from Jon

I know…I know…I already sent an update this week!  But, God is moving in so many ways and I just have to share with all of you.  You are family so why wouldn’t I want to share good news with you!

1. Right now as I am typing this I am listening to the FIRST EVER worship band practice out at the ministry center with a sound system.  Wow…it’s amazing to hear and to think about ALL that God has done.  Today we had our first ever staff training session utilizing the tv’s and media capabilities of the building…incredible!  Don’t miss the Ministry Center Grand Opening Celebrations.  That is all I am going to say…don’t miss it!

2. One of the churches we have learned from over these years is Granger Church in South Bend, IN.  Tonight I just read about their first ever $1,000,000 miracle gift.  It is a very cool story so here is a link to read about it.  I have shared with you that I pray and expect that in my years at Prairie Heights I will see a $1,000,000 gift.  Please pray with me…what a difference a gift like this would make in seeing 1,000s find Christ and change Fargo-Moorhead forever.

3. We received a miracle $1,000 gift to help us with our building project today.  It was from a family that lives out of town and are guests, every few years, at Prairie Heights.  The note said “Prairie Heights, what a joy it is to see and hear about the many changed lives through the ministry of PHCC.  God is great and may He continue to save many more precious souls through the saving grace of Jesus our Lord while we still have “time”.  God bless you all!”  Now is not the time to jog…let’s keep it cranked up for God!

4. I want all of you to know that I work with the greatest staff I could ever dream of.  Their love for God and people, their leadership skills, their passion, determination, talent, and loyalty are all top-notch.  We are so blessed.  I believe in them and love serving our congregation and our community for our Lord together.

5. You are WAY above and beyond ordinary.  On behalf of God, I just wanted to remind you of that!!  Have a great day and I will see you on Sunday!


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