PHCC Tuesday Update

Just a few quick updates:

1. This Sunday I am starting the first of two weeks on Parenting by looking at “Four important things every child needs from their mom and dad”. The exciting thing is we receive these same 4 things from God when we connect our lives to Him. Invite some parents to come to church with you.

2. On Mother’s Day, I am going to say “thanks” to my mom and share with you some “batons” she passed on to me. If your mom modeled some life traits for you and you would like to share them, please email me a few paragraphs about your mom. I will use some of them in the Mother’s Day Service.

3. This past Sunday when I gave a Crank It Up! financial update the total shown on the PowerPoint slide was $172,000. However, gifts were given late last week, on Sunday, and in the mail today that were not included in that total. The total with these recent gifts is now $199,668! Praise God for this miracle! God’s goal of $550,000 by 12.31.11 is a step of faith but God continues to provide day by day! Every gift allows us to faithfully and persistently move forward and impact the lives of more people.

4. I am very excited about the overwhelmingly positive response to the news we are going to begin developing the church property by building a ministry center and for the suitcase project to bless homeless people here in our community. This is an inspiring church to be a part of!

Thank you for being YOU! May God bless each of you!

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