PHCC Update

It was a GREAT blessing to celebrate Easter with so many of you Sunday.  There were many guests at PHCC and I was so excited to see the way they were welcomed and served (just like every Sunday)!  For those of you who visited family I pray you had a nice and meaningful time with your family and friends and at the worship services you participated in!  It is fun to be a part of God’s family that worships in different facilities, locations, and styles throughout the world.  God’s family is one body with many different parts.

At Prairie Heights I shared what every daughter and every son needs from their father (You can watch the sermon at  You will see a still shot of the video on the right side about half way down the page.  You can also share the sermon with your friends on facebook.)  I shared how Easter answers the key questions every son and daughter are asking their father in their mind.  It is a powerful truth when we experience it and think about it.  Many people responded to God’s invitation to answer the deepest questions they have and to join His family!  Praise God!  Lives were changed as God shared His Truth with us!  If you have made a spiritual connection to Christ or advanced in your spiritual journey recently I would love to hear about it.  Please email me back.  I can pray for you and celebrate what God is doing.  In life we often hear the “bad” and it is seen as the most “newsworthy”.  However, the Bible teaches us that the testimony of those finding hope in Christ is one of the things that pushes the forces of evil back and rallies God’s family to persevere until we see Him.

The next 2 Sundays we are going to look at Relationslips: Sex.  We encourage all children through 5th grade to participate in their age-appropriate kidventure class these 2 weeks.  Then on April 25th I will present the 2010 “State of PHCC” address.  In May we will look at parenting and how to help our friends who are going through hard times.

God has begun supplying the need for some office furniture and computers in a miraculous way!  Thank you for those who responded to last week’s email.  I will let you know next week if we are still in need of more after we look at and bring in what has been donated.

Many churches throttle back their Sunday morning children’s ministry during the summer months but we have always seen our decision to invest in children as a year-round commitment.  At the same time we like to give some of our dedicated volunteers less responsibilities in the summer so they can refresh and rejuvenate.  If you would be willing to serve as a member of the children’s ministry Summer Relief Crew please email me back and let me know. I will pass your name on to our children’s pastor, Dustin.  Your commitment would only be for the summer months and it would be a huge blessing and support to the team!

God is doing great things IN and AMONG us.  Keep your heart and your eyes open wide.  Take in all that God has for you.  Don’t allow your fears to stop you from discovering the blessings God has for you!  Enjoy each day God gives you.  See you on Sunday!

Jon Hauser, Pastor

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