PHCC Update

This Sunday, April 25th, is going to be an exciting and unique Sunday for several reasons.  First, I will be sharing with you the 2010 “State of PHCC” address.  I have some exciting news to share about a ministry hub (for use during the week) that we are going to build on our property and a project to serve people in need here in our community.  It will be a memorable service that I believe will inspire you, touch your heart, and help us all realize we are blessed to be part of something that can only be described as a “God-thing”!  If you want to read the key Scripture read Deuteronomy 26:1-11.

Now, here is a fun thing we are also going to do this Sunday, April 25th.  It will be our first ever “hat” Sunday.  If you would like to, please feel free to wear your favorite hat to church and keep it on throughout service (I will refrain from making any comments about UND hats but I highly encourage NDSU hats to fill the room – ha)!  There is no special significance or meaning behind this just something fun to do and a reminder that Prairie Heights is a place where all are welcome.  I know some guys who wear a hat from sun-up to sun-down 7 days a week.  I don’t know if their hat-wearing has ever stopped them from attending a church service but if it has, how sad and unfortunate that would be.  So, we are going to invite people to wear a hat during church this Sunday if they would like to!

See you on Sunday!

Jon Hauser, Pastor

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