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We had a moving time of worship and inspiration yesterday.  The presence of God was very real and personal.  The songs talked about God’s commitment to His creation and His invitation to honor Him with our lives and resources.  Deuteronomy 26:1-11 reminds us that we must never forget what God has done for us, what He has saved us from, the healing He has brought into our lives, the vision He has for us to make a positive Godly impact on this world, and that He invites us to do this together with others as a part of His family! God also reminds us that our response must be to bring the first and best of what we have in service to Him and to others.  This Scripture talks about bringing our offerings in a “basket” and I shared that on May 23rd our “baskets” would be brand-new suitcases or duffle bags that would be given to the Gladys Ray Shelter to distribute to homeless people here in Fargo-Moorhead.

I presented the “2010 State of PHCC address” (click HERE to watch the entire presentation).  The major item presented was that Prairie Heights is beginning the journey of building a 7,000 sq ft “ministry center” that will pour fuel on the fire we already see burning on Sundays at the Fargodome. The priorities for this ministry center are to serve more middle and high school students during the week, to help grow life groups, and to have parties and connection events that lead to spiritual growth and greater service to people in need in Fargo-Moorhead.   This ministry center is the wisest and most conservative use of your offerings and will allow us to continue growing and worshiping on Sundays at the Fargodome (and potentially additional venues in the future).  As far as I know we are the first church in the upper Midwest that has done this but we believe God has called us to only build “the 20% of the square footage that gets used 80% of the time.”  We are on a mission, given to us by Jesus Christ, and I would love to have every one of you join together in joyful participation!  I believe there are 100s of lives and families God will use us to extend His family to.

Here is an email I received last night: “Hey Jon, had to respond to you after Sunday’s message. When I start to hear a message about “MONEY”, my stomach immediately goes into knots—I start thinking, here we go with the money thing. I have to say that the Holy Spirit was certainly leading you as you spoke. The total presentation was awesome! The focus of building something first that will be used every day is “God’s Wisdom” instead of going for the “big” church thing first. We believe that Prairie Heights is in God’s will and on the right track! We are prayerfully considering what Gods will is for us in this growing church family.”

I talked to two college students right after the second service.  They told me when they looked at each other as I was reading the testimony regarding the suitcase project they both had tears in their eyes.  They knew this was a time to participate.  So, they were heading to a department store to buy a suitcase right after church.  To see the passion and joy in their eyes at serving others impacted my life and it was a conversation I will never forget.

We are relying on your prayers to see this project completed.  Satan does not endorse what is going on.  He hates to give up any of his dark territory.  I am praying that you will prayerfully consider if God wants you to support this project financially.  It will take all of our involvement and obedience to see God’s victory take place.  If we all are willing to simply ask God what He wants us to give I know there will be a surplus of money and the blessings we will receive will be more than we could ever imagine.


Many of you have noticed our new video ministry on Sunday mornings. This team records the services and gets the messages ready for our website so they can be viewed by anyone…anytime…anywhere. If you have any interest in cameras or video, this is a team you will enjoy. If you think you’re not skilled enough, don’t worry – all the necessary training (there isn’t much needed, it’s pretty easy…) is provided absolutely free of charge!  Contact Dion Weinberger for complete details.  It would be great to have a few more team members so this valuable ministry can continue and grow!

You are a blessing to me!  Have a super week!

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