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We had a memorable time of worship, inspiration, offering, encouragement and service to others as we celebrated together on Sunday!

Psalm 146:7 says “God upholds the cause of the oppressed and gives food to the hungry. The Lord sets prisoners free, gives sight to the blind, and lifts up those who are bowed down.” Yesterday, God used Prairie Heights to help “lift” the lives of 110 people who are or will be living at the Gladys Ray Shelter.  Yesterday 110 suitcases were given and hundreds of notes (over 100 notes written by our elementary age children) were packed inside those suitcases!  Way to go PHCC!!  We saw a great picture of the church being the hands and heart of Jesus Christ!  Three residents from the shelter (Roy, Ray, and Nathan) worshipped with us and helped load the suitcases in our trailer after service.  Roy shared with me how much he enjoyed the service and how much it meant to him.  He said “I have been to a lot of churches but I have never experienced anything like this.  The music and the words touched my heart like I haven’t been touched in a long time.”  He shared with me some of the loss he has suffered in his life (loss of his mom and wife to cancer) and how he still grieves over that but as he was at church he felt hope and peace.

I will update the financial giving to Crank It Up! on Sunday, June 6th, during the 9:30 and 11:00 services.  The financial gifts to Crank It Up! will help us build a ministry center to minister to middle and high school students and to help grow our connections and life group ministries.  We received an updated preliminary estimate for the 7,000 sq ft building of $950,000.  $300,000 is for exterior improvements such as road, utility, and site work.  So, we are building a very cost-effective building that will also look nice and be fun for people of all ages to attend events and parties at!  Roger Stroh is our Project Manager for this construction project.  Over the summer he will be putting a building team together, giving us updates and sharing fun and meaningful ways that all of us can participate.

In recent months I have been thinking a lot about sacrifice and how in our society we will make sacrifices for many things (our children, our hobbies, our families, our employers) but we often find it difficult to sacrifice for God and His family.  I often ask if any of us received a sympathy card when we gave birth to a child.  The answer is always no.  Why not?  A child costs several hundred thousand dollars between age 0 to 18 and large doses of time and energy.  Think of how much more money we could make if we didn’t have children?  Think of how much more time we could spend on what we want to do?  However, we know that a child is worth the sacrifice.  In yesterday’s Fargo Forum Chris Erichsen who won the race in record time said “You have to make sacrifices because there are other things you want to do. But training is about consistency and you have to make those sacrifices.”  Chris made a decision to sacrifice for his love of running and his desire to compete.  And he ran an outstanding race (as did every person who participated in any of the marathon events!!).

Our challenge is that we are willing to sacrifice for things where we see quick results and easily see the value.  But Jesus asked His disciples and us to keep the long-term, the eternal, picture in mind!  He calls us to make faith investments.  He invited us to invest our money in eternal relationships; to invest our money in Loving God and Loving People.  This is why at Prairie Heights we believe buildings should only be built when the result is more lives finding salvation and growth in Christ.  So, for 9 years we have resisted building any facilities.  And now God has made it clear that we need to take a step of faith to build a ministry center that will help us achieve God’s mission.  So, here we go!  It will be a great and memorable ride!

I want to thank each of you for the financial sacrifices you make that allow Prairie Heights to exist.  Thank you for giving so that I can follow the call God gave me full-time.  Thank you for participating in Crank It Up!  Thank you for praying!  Thank you for your faithful financial giving over the summer months so that we can head into the fall running full blast!  God has given us a great staff of pastors and leaders.

Click here to see PICTURES from Sunday!

Summer Worship schedule:  Starting on June 13th we will have only one service at 11am!  We encourage you to sleep in or get up early, golf, ride bike, play at the park, and then come to church!

Have a great week!

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