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This past Sunday I wrapped up the CSI series with “Something to Believe In”. Jesus taught us about, modeled for us, and sent the Holy Spirit to empower a kingdom we all can believe in! The earthly representation of His kingdom is imperfect. But, that is no reason to give up on it. If anything, that gives us all the more reason to invest, support, and be the kingdom-minded follower God created us to be. I believe with all my heart in the ministry of local churches all around the world. Jesus died so individuals could experience new and abundant and eternal life and also so “Jesus communities” (churches) could form and represent His voice, His hands, His feet around the world. And He has invited us to participate in His kingdom and make her great!

Today, we sent in a gift of $3,076.56 from Prairie Heights to help Nazarene pastors and compassionate ministry workers purchase and deliver supplies to help meet the needs of hurting Haitians in the name of Christ! Is that sweet or what? We didn’t just hear God’s Word this past Sunday we lived it and did God’s Word. Here is a first-hand report that I received via email moments ago:

“We continue to receive sporadic reports from Nazarene churches in Haiti. In the South Central District the District Superintendent reports that 17 Churches are down and many pastors’ houses have been destroyed. In the Central District, the Nazarene church of Boutin is reported to be down. The Tabarre church reports 8 people injured and many members have lost their houses. The Nazarene church of Bel-Air has many of their members missing. There is still no report on the total amount of people that have died, but there are three that have been confirmed dead. The Nazarene church of Lastic knows of one member that is still missing, all that is known is that her house is down and they have not been able to find her. The Petion-Ville church of the Nazarene has reported that the church has lost members and 75% of the members of the church have lost their homes. People are sleeping outside their houses in fear that they may collapse on them. There are homes that are still up but damaged. After the first earthquake there was a damaged house which later collapsed and killed six people on Delmas road. Food is becoming scarce and water is hard to get. Diesel is also running out. While at this time it is hard to tell how many members the Church of the Nazarene in Haiti has lost, there is still hope as there have been reports that people are being pulled out of the rubble still alive. This is the time to continue to pray that God would give strength to those holding onto life and hope that they may be found quickly. Continue to pray that food and water gets to the people and that God would give them strength during this time. Report from Franckel Formetus”

This Sunday we are kicking off our Relationslips series. As economic times are tough more people are focusing on family and relationships. They realize that companies and stocks and money will let us down. But, for those focusing on their marriage or parenting or relationships and things aren’t improving a spirit of frustration and anger can result. So, we are going to spend several months looking at relationships, marriage, and parenting. Chapter 1 is going to be “The Basics”. Week 1 is on Authenticity. Week 2 is on Trust. Week 3 is on Compatibility. Week 4 is on Communication.

Life Groups are filling up! Please sign up on-line by using the forms available on each groups page (visit Life Groups to see them) or sign up Sunday at church.

Today I am thankful for God’s love for each of us and His continued presence in our lives and His desire for each of us to love Him back.

See you on Sunday.

Jon Hauser, Pastor
Prairie Heights Community Church
Short on formality…long on relationships!

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