PHCC Update

Dustin gave us a great question to think about on Sunday: “How would you live your life differently if someone voluntarily scooped up and laid on a grenade so you could live?” That is what Milton Olive III did during the Korean War for the 4 soldiers who were with him.  And the truth is Milton Olive III and over 1,100,000 men and women have died and given their lives so we can live in freedom in the USA.  We must remember freedom is never free.  And the truth is Jesus paid the ultimate price (lived a life without sin and voluntarily offered his life as payment for our sins) so that we can live in spiritual freedom and spend eternity worshipping in heaven.  Have you believed in and received Christ as your Savior?  In return, have you offered your life in obedience to His Word and in service to Him and others?  Sacrifice is saying “yes” or “no” to something in my life now in order to bless the lives of others in the future.  However, we don’t “go” first.  Christ already went first for us!

I sure enjoyed singing some patriotic songs together in worship on Sunday.  It was exciting to see how full the auditorium was on a holiday weekend.  God is sure moving in and among us!  I pray each of you had a fun Memorial Day.  Our family enjoyed a fun road trip and a picnic in Huron, SD, with family.

This Sunday I will start a new series for June called “Power”.  I will share with you some topics that fire me up.  This week is “The Power of One.”  There will be a first in the history of PHCC this Sunday.  I wrote lyrics to a song called “The Power of One” that will be sung to the tune of “The Power of Love” by Huey Lewis.  The band really wants me to solo on this song but I keep telling them it would just be too much after writing the lyrics (please note the sarcasm here!).  I am so glad God has created PHCC as a church that takes our spiritual journey together and as individuals serious, that likes to work hard for Jesus while having fun together and desires to make a connection with God and each other.

This Sunday we will give a Crank It Up! financial, suitcase, and ministry center update.  Many residents from the Gladys Ray Shelter have signed a banner that will be presented to our church.  These are very memorable days in the life of our church family and I am enjoying every minute of it!  Each of you are an integral part of God’s plan for healing His world.  Thank you for joining me on this journey!

Please note that starting on JUNE 13th our PHCC summer Sunday schedule will be ONE SERVICE at 11:00AM. This will go until mid-August.  So, let’s fill the Fargodome each Sunday this summer.  Thank you for your faithful ministry and financial support during the summer months.  This allows us to hit the ground running strong in the fall when we will see an attendance increase from this spring.  God has only begun connecting with the 1000s of lives that He wants to reach through the ministry of Prairie Heights.

See you soon.  Celebrating every day God gives us!

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