PHCC Update

I sure had fun sharing with you what God laid on my heart yesterday – The Power of One!  I attached the lyrics to the song I wrote.  I have a standing invitation to Huey Lewis if he wants to come to Prairie Heights and sing this sometime.

Jesus gave us one clear mission – to GO and MAKE DISCIPLES.  He created one vehicle to accomplish that mission – the CHURCH.  There is one source, one hub, for all ministry – JESUS CHRIST.  And there is only one spoke that connects the hub and supports the mission – YOU and ME!  I am very passionate about the local church.  I love every local church.  I believe with all of my heart the local church is the only hope in our world, it is the only vehicle Jesus left behind to accomplish His mission.  And when the church is ministering and serving together as ONE it is the most beautiful, awe-inspiring, effective team in the world.  It is very disturbing to me when I see Christ followers harming or controlling the church or making the mission of the church about them.  I am thankful at Prairie Heights, for 9 years now, we have made the main thing the main thing and we have regularly seen what only God can do in the lives of 1000s of people.

I attached the sermon notes from yesterday and the ministry leadership stages that I shared with you.  The only thing that will stop Prairie Heights from reaching more and more people is if we don’t have people who are willing to be spokes in Christ’s family and humbly advance in leadership stages (starting point ministers, volunteers, apprentice leaders, leaders, team leaders, pastors/program directors).  This is the biggest challenge Prairie Heights faces today and in the future.

Roger Stroh, our Ministry Center Project Manager, gave an update yesterday.  As he shared, we have an important hearing regarding 4th street with the West Fargo City Commission Monday night at 5:30.  We would appreciate your prayers.  God continues showing me that He is working a plan that is way bigger than what any of us are seeing.  I get so excited to share with you what God does next. Roger shared with us a Crank It Up! financial update.  Pledges are currently at $455,000, unpledged gifts at $23,000, so our current expected total is $478,000 with a goal of $550,000.  $212,000 has been given so far.  Thanks to everyone who is participating in Crank It Up!

I received this email on Sunday afternoon and while it is addressed to me it is a thank you to all of you who participate and support Prairie Heights in any way.  Without each of us serving Christ together as “spokes” in His church I would never receive testimonies like this: Hello Pastor Jon, On July 18th, it will be one year since I came to Prairie Heights. I basically came to get my friend to stop bugging me about going with her and to get a free trip to the zoo. I never, ever expected to find a faith home. I just didn’t think church was all that important, even though I was raised Catholic. I could pray anywhere. Now I get it. It’s about community and unity. I am so inspired by your sermons and many of the things you have said have stuck with me and made some tough situations much easier. I do have a question though. How, when we have never met, do you write sermons that seem like they are written just for me? Thank you so much for taking that awesome leap of faith and coming to Fargo. Without you and Prairie Heights I would still be lost.”

Have a great week and see you soon!

REMINDER – this Sunday we began having just one service on Sundays at 11am!  It will be great to fill the Fargodome up throughout the summer.  9:30 and 11am services will be back with full steam on August 15th.

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