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It is Sunday evening and I am sitting on my couch thinking about this morning.  My mom just called me because she was so excited to hear how this morning went.  She woke up during the middle of the night and knew she needed to pray for our worship service today and that God’s invitation for salvation, healing, and hope would be clearly heard and that hearts would respond with “Yes Lord.  I give you my life.”

Today’s service was one of the most emotional and rewarding Sundays in my life.  The Bible tells us that “The Lord is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.” (2 Peter 3:9)  My heart longs to share the power of salvation (the gospel) with all who will listen.  For those who know Jesus, the gospel never gets old.  We need to regularly remember and re-live the gospel.  So today God gave me an opportunity to proclaim His goal and invitation the very best I knew how.  Some are not ready to make that commitment and instead will think about it and hopefully have someone to talk to.  Some simply have too many roadblocks and will choose to reject God’s Word.  Others are ready and like fertile soil, they will receive the Truth and their lives will never be the same.  But everyone is on a journey, everyone is valued, and everyone is loved!

It was one of the highlights of my pastoral career to stand on stage between Karl and Beth, realizing that both of them have received Christ as their Savior through the ministry of Prairie Heights, and now their lives are witnessing to God’s presence and they are passionately leading others to meet their Savior.  That is just way more cool than I could ever explain to you.  Four people met, talked and prayed to receive Christ in the “Yes God” circle after service today.  Praise God!

I received the following email this afternoon and received permission to share it with you:

This email is way overdue from me and as much as I would have loved to tell you this face to face, I would never have been able to say exactly what I wanted to say (or make it through without crying) so here goes…Your “memory” today really made it through to my heart.  How certain forces come into your life and change it forever. I too have your aunt to thank for my life change because if it was not for you and Prairie Heights, I would not be the person I am today.

Eleven years ago my daughter died from brain cancer.  It tore my life apart.  I still had my other children and a husband and a home to take care of but I felt absolutely alone…I know now it is because I blamed God and turned away from him when I should have held on to Him with everything in me.  I fell into such a depression that I shut out everyone.  For the next 10 years, I “controlled” my life and can honestly tell you that many of the choices I made were completely selfish and again completely pushing me in the furthest direction from God as possible.  He had deserted me when I needed Him the most so I didn’t need Him either-boy do I see now how wrong I was.

During this past year or so that I have been a part of the Prairie Heights family I have struggled with handing that control over to God completely.  I had given Him bits and pieces but still held on to just enough.  With the help of you and Pastor Dan and my WONDERFUL life group I can finally say that I have let go of my reign of control and am leaving my entire life in God’s hands…you have all finally convinced me that that is the only way to find the true God that I need to have in my life. You have no idea the weight that has lifted from my shoulders!!! I know I am still not quite the person I want to be, but I am working on it every day.  My motto is “what would the me that I want to be do in this situation”.  I have had the courage to walk away from people in my life that were not good for me and I have had the courage to walk away from situations that I might not have previously-and each time I become stronger and stronger and closer to that person I want to be.

So…thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing this family to Fargo and eventually into my life.  I have never felt this good about me and have never been this happy about the direction my life is heading 🙂

This is a testimony to the Power of Salvation.  God is faithful and His Word changes lives!  Although it was addressed to me, without all of you who faithfully give of your time and financial resources, this email would never have been written.  Your financial gifts are resulting in changed lives!  We are seeing just the beginning of the impact God will make on this world through us!  Have a superb week!

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