PHCC Update

This Sunday we started a new summer series called Jonah. Jonah who was running away from God ended up in a hopeless situation. Sometimes life gets that way and we have no way out. Like Jonah, we need to turn to God for help. Jonah discovered that God is a God who saves. The Old Testament book of Jonah is full of life lessons. This summer I challenge you to read through the book of Jonah each week. Read it as a narrative story that teaches, and apply these biblical principles to your life.

Next Sunday, July 11th, we will explore the topic of DESTINY. Is life random or predetermined? Do you believe in destiny? After the service Todd Breidenbach and Karen Brown will be leading a Biker and Hotrod Run. We will have a special area for you to park your bike and/or hotrod and after the service we will have a bike blessing. Please invite your Biker and Hotrod friends to this service and the ride.

Have a GREAT week!

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