PHCC Update

It has been SO much FUN to be back to a 930 and 1100 service the last 2 weeks.  The attendance has been incredible!  There were 553 people on Aug 15 and 539 on Aug 22 (in 2009 we had 343 and 415 people on these two Sundays) so the momentum continues to build!  Thank you for inviting others, for making Sunday worship a priority, and for serving and helping make Sundays GREAT for every person who comes!  I love what God is doing in our lives.

I have had a blast sharing with you about our hearts in the Pulse series.  On week 1, I shared that the heart of your heart will determine the life of your life.  We must realize that our lives will result in a forever “mark” on this world.  The heart of our hearts will determine what that mark is.  This is why Proverbs 4:23 tells us “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” I shared three ways to guard our hearts: guard where you invest your money (In Matthew 6:19-21 Jesus taught us we can recalibrate our hearts by investing our money in God’s purposes and God’s family), Philippians 4:8 warns us to guard the media you put into your mind, Hebrews 10:25 reminds us to guard your relationships.

Yesterday I shared that there are times in our lives and relationships when the DESIRE of our heart does not result in the OUTCOME we were hoping for because our SELF-CENTERED wills interfere and impact our behavior.  Paul describes this in Romans 7:15-24.  Even after we receive Christ as our Savior we will discover that our wills will clash with God’s will as we journey and grow.  Now some will say that this is a constant battle that we must pay attention to.  Yes, it is a battle and yes, we must exercise discipline.  However, we cannot complete the heart transplant that is needed.  The focus must not be on us.  If we are trying to “fix” our hearts we are in deep trouble and will fail miserably.  The truth is, you cannot fix the issues your heart is dealing with, you need a Master Surgeon!  Thanks be to God, through Jesus Christ our Lord, that He is a master surgeon who is patiently waiting for us to ask him for a new heart (read Ezekiel 36:25-27 and be encouraged and amazed!).  The action item for us is to surrender our wills and to allow God, during and after surgery, to bubble to the surface the impurities that must go.  Where are you at?  Do you long for a pure, unfathomably devoted, heart?  Ask God today!

This week we will be looking at “blood” as we hold the 2nd PHCC blood drive.  What is the significance of blood in the Bible and in the Christian journey?

Please join us on FACEBOOK!  Have an outstanding week!  See you on Sunday!

Jon Hauser, Pastor

Ministry Center Update (for those interested):

I would ask that you pray at least once every week for our construction project.  We are building a 7,000 sq ft ministry center that we can use for ministry throughout the week (This building will NOT replace the Fargodome!  We will still meet Sunday mornings for worship at the Fargodome.).  The building design is moving along quickly and is looking fantastic!  You will love this building and the ministry opportunities it will open up!  We are still working our way through several site issues so we can determine the best location for this building and get approval from the City of West Fargo.  On the east boundary of our property, 4th street is being worked on and has a completion date of November 15th.  We still hope to pour foundations and get the shell up before winter.  As we get more specific information, Roger Stroh will give you another update on Sunday morning and take a survey to see what skills we have among all of you.  Every Sunday there is a Building Fund envelope in the worship folder.  This Building Fund envelope is the same as “Crank It Up!”.  Please pray each week for the finances needed for this building and land project.  As God has done in the past, pray for miracle gifts of all amounts to accomplish the plans God has for us to impact the Fargo-Moorhead community.  We continue to attempt “God-sized” projects and goals as I am convinced the mission and need are great, time is of the essence, and we know God is more than able!!

PHCC Office Center Hours:

Our office is always open Monday through Thursday from 9am to 4pm.  All of our staff takes Fridays off as a day of renewal.  We have a 24/7 emergency number at 701.367.9114.  You can get this emergency number by calling our office number 701.298.9181.

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